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Life Assessment Process (LAP) – (aka Karma Clearing (KC))– release of the resurgence of unresolved conflicts experienced as anxiety, guilt and/or depression - LAP/KC is a technique for people dealing with Guilt and side effects of guilt for those who feel hard-done-by life, are critical of others, have a mind-set that “makes everything and everyone wrong” and for those whom nothing seems to work. The principal of LAP/KC is to not hide the truth but to share the full truth. Guilt is the glue of the mind. It takes fixed attitudes and the basic structure of the mind and meshes them together to bring into being the rock hard-stuck in life state. LAP/KC unsticks the mind.

Guilt means “that which you get for doing something bad.” But more properly it should be understood as either those good things that are going to happen to you, or the bad things that are going to

happen to you, for the good things or bad things you did in the past, either recent, distant or very distant past.You watch everything that you do. And if you do something that you consider to be right, then you figure you’ve got your reward coming. In other words, you will see to it that you learn the lesson that you need to learn by suffering whatever you need to suffer until you’ve learned the lesson, at which point you will be free of the guilt.

Life Review Process

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