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How Clearing Can Help

Clearing can bring a client with patterns of isolation into bona fide communication and contact with others. This result is a life-changer for those trapped in a world of inauthentic or fear-based relating. Whatever level of ability to communicate the client enters with, Clearing improves it, reducing the tendency to dramatize. A process of resurgence unfolds as clients gradually recover their voice to a deeper level. Many clients arrive with their life energy knotted up in current problems and stuck life projects. Clearing has many tools for clearing these. The natural result is fewer life problems and more energy for creative projects and meaningful relationships. The sense of guilt or shame is a powerful inhibitor of success and enjoyment of success. The release of these areas in Clearing awakens a person to a world in which it is natural for good things to come and to enjoy them. Clearing has sets of processes for clearing the common problem areas of modern life such as money, personal boundaries, business and work, improving family gatherings, cult exiting, finding a new couple partner, depression, and spiritual crisis. Some clients have challenges building stable life points such as a steady income, a place to live, or a good relationship. Clearing develops the ability to create the stable points on which a better life is based. Getting on track with your deepest life purposes opens the door to the greater adventures of life and commitment at a high level understanding. It taps deeper sources of creative energy, power and inspiration. Many people are limited by fixed attitudes such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘No one would love me as I am.’ Clearing has effective processes for clearing these fixed attitudes that limit personal potential. Some clients express deep core conflicts such as a chronic sense of not having agreed to be in life or being somehow inescapably flawed. The deeper Clearing processes are capable of clearing these core conflicts. In Clearing, clients increasingly experience that they are not a victim in life; that they always have choice and can initiate action to choose. Eventually this experience becomes universal in the client’s being. It is the essence of the quality of personal empowerment. One clarification of fulfilling the definition of “Clearing” is ‘being able to disengage from any influence of the mind within five seconds and act according to one’s choice.’ This stage amounts to freedom from projected consequence because the mind incessantly makes an effort  

to add supposition to what is perceived. Here, the full potential of Clearing the mind has been reached.

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