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A current problem is a problem that an individual has currently, right now. If it’s not a problem that he has right now, then it’s not a current problem. A current problem is not one that he had this morning, or yesterday or is going to have this evening, it’s the one that he has right at this very second. If that’s not the case, then it’s not a current problem. The subject the clearer will take up here is how to help the individual handle his current problem right now. A problem consists of two opposing intentions, an aim, purpose or goal and something opposing the aim, purpose or goal. All problems are the result of undelivered communications. A current problem is a problem that the client has right now, in front of the clearer, in session.

The client with a current problem will not progress until the current problem is no longer a distraction. The Clearer must find out “exactly what the problem is”. That is, find out the person’s aim, purpose or goal and what is opposing it. The Clearer will direct the client through specific inquires to draw out all his thoughts connected to the problem. Resolution is gained through specific communication techniques known by the Clearer.

Handling Current Problems

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