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To improve relationship with the body part or the condition. – Clearing techniques are applied in the form of processing. Mastering the art of processing is crucial to success in Clearing. Through the repetition of inquires while in good contact the Clearer the client may investigate stuck or confused areas of tension and un-communicated communications eventually leading to states of insight, ability-gain, or free space {opportunity to safely be authentically one’s self} on topics being considered. Body Processes clear a client’s relationship with an unwanted body condition. An “unwanted body condition” might be a physical injury or sickness. It might be chronic pain. It might be a long-standing unacceptance of the body or of some part of it; or of its signs of ageing. It might be a general state of denial of the body. The processes described here are not “cures” or “healings” and they should not be taken as such.

They are not a substitute for proper medical care. Let us be clear this process is not attempting to treat the client or practice medicine. What we are striving to accomplish with these processes is improve the client’s relationship with the body, the body part or the condition.

​This process can release tension and bring awareness where there has been denial. It can restore the good energy flows that accompany an improved relationship. It can bring forth insights that can lead the client to make lifestyle changes helpful to the healing process. It can move the client out of a victim state and into one of taking more responsibility for what can be improved about a body condition and for having more acceptance of what cannot be improved. These are the gains you are looking for in this processing.

Body Processes

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