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Cary diRaimondo


Cary diRaimondo's professional communication skills include Clearing counselor, nutritional account manager, nutritional product trainer, coach, negotiator and director of marketing and sales. He has authored training manuals, led seminars and has participated as primary host at trade shows for nutritional manufacturers. As a clearing counselor his objective is to lead his clients through a self-inquiry process to get free of internal barriers that block their success and fulfillment in life.

​Cary has consistently chosen through communication to initiate and manage business enterprises that address service to others. For the past 20 years as president of Twin Core Company a nutritional brokerage founded by Cary he has represented major national nutraceutical manufacturers servicing the health needs of 1000’s of people throughout the Pacific Northwest. During his tenure with TCC Cary has been honored with several national marketing awards for excellence in business development, sales and professional services.

​​Cary distinguishes himself as a Clearing Counselor through the several decades of working to support of clients in facing their daily life difficulties. His abilities and skill-set to communicate needed processes that permit the client real understanding and release on difficulties in the client’s inner world that have been held in tension, confusion and non-understanding. Clearing does not rely on analysis, advice or the client adopting a new belief system.

​Cary’s clients are central to the development of his counseling practice; he is committed to their personal growth emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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